Man Does Not Give

by Seputus

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Founded in 2005, Seputus produced a number of unreleased recordings before slipping into inactivity circa 2009. Inspired by his experiences in the military, Steve Schwegler revived Seputus in 2013, composing and recording the bulk of this album himself before leaving the service.

Our new album, Man Does Not Give, is a terrifying plunge into the depths of dissonant '90s-era American death metal, tempered by black metal melancholia and braced by elements of grind, thrash, and industrial noise.

Canadian CD release: October 14, 2016
U.S. CD / digital release: October 21, 2016
Vinyl release details to come.


released October 21, 2016

Stephen Schwegler: Guitars/Drums/Programming
Doug Moore: Lyrics/Vocals
Erik Malave: Bass

Engineered & Produced by Stephen Schwegler
Vocals & Bass Co-Engineered by Amy Mills
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Artwork & Design Layout by Caroline Harrison
Released & Distributed by PRC MUSIC



all rights reserved



Seputus is a long-running extreme metal collaboration between instrumentalist Steve Schwegler and vocalist Doug Moore, both currently of New York experimental metal act Pyrrhon. The band added bassist Erik Malave of Pyrrhon to the lineup in early 2015.

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Track Name: Downhill Battle
Beneath the paving stones
The endless seething tunnels
Where discarded men cry out for the law
As their flesh crumbles in insects’ maws

The arc of morality
Bows ever to gravity
And everyone knows
Which way shit rolls
Track Name: Soft Palates Rasp
What we do is secret now
Scribbling our weapons down
On scraps of time with eager hands
Stealing moments where we can

The deadly message, still unborn
Sealed up in hermetic casks
Aged for years as it takes form
Within the folds of our minds clasped

Until our soft palates rasp

And when the words at last spill out
They are not for us alone
They will fill up all the gaping throats
And boom from every flayed tongue

Oh, how weak is the meat
That gives voice even as it tries not to speak
Track Name: Desperate Reach
The body plunges down
Limbs straining for tumbling stones
That once comprised the works
Which cradled from below
You’ve given them a very different purpose now
When the head filled up, the structure gave out

The glands crack in half
The pupils contract
The thoughts diffract
The onset of freefall

It’s best to accept it
Try not to hide from it
Because you’re gonna feel
The endgame of freefall

Sprung from your stifling comfort
No plot, no actor, no script
Just terminal velocity and the abyss
Track Name: Top Of The Food Chain
The machine does as it was intended
Secure in its purpose, divinely effective

Churning, churning, churning 
Its threshers through the clay
Once teeming with faces and names
Now featureless and grey
Smooth out the lumps and soften the paste
Smelt the sentient ore
Save that which will serve; the rest is waste

While you stand by the factory gates pulling faces
And clutching your guts as they flip in their traces
Beneath the clean skin, the rise of your gorge
Belies reliance on the work of the forge

Deny out loud, pout and condemn
The tireless work of this bleak apparatus
Produces the pap on which your kind depends
As you wall yourself off in psychic abscesses

This is how you meant it to be
This is how you need it to be
Track Name: Two Great Pale Zeroes
Can you feel it clutch you
The vague, pervasive dread
Like the air itself
Grown thicker and tighter

Struggle and writhe
You’ll never escape the gloom
That darkens your senses
And constricts your lungs

Oh, product of your time
The universal hermit
This fear is your lot in life

How much of it is you
And how much is the world
Two great pale zeroes
Facing each other

Divide, divide, divide
But nothing ever changes
Track Name: Vestigial Tail
I have a hunger, I have a hunger
I have a need to fill
My devotion is perfect
I need to see my needs fulfilled

Chew up and swallow
Digest and expel

What stronger man
Would deny himself such pleasure
In the total pursuit of basic desires
It’s best not to hide
From your own true nature
Best to see your needs fulfilled

Chew up and swallow
Digest and expel

The lab rat lives
To press down the lever
Perfect devotion
Impossible pleasure

It’s something in the future
Something to look forward to
Track Name: Attrition Tactics
No declaration of victory
Just a break in hostilities
Double agents lodged in your scars
The blur in your sight, your slackening guard

They consume your scraps and conspire in packs
These lingering wounds, so eager for
Your silken-shaded sorrow’s black
To mount the stairs and force your door

Your loyal foes will filter in
And rest their muzzles on your throat
Enacting the fate you piecemeal wrote
With each thoughtless mistake and innocent sin
Track Name: Haruspex Retirement Speech
I was once a vessel for the message
Knitted through the fibers of my surging tissues
In my prime, it was my purpose
But by time stifled, warped, and denied issue

If you rip me open, spill me over
Entrails on the floor
I try I try to find the words
I saw encoded there before
But doubled up and bleeding out
All I see are empty ciphers
Hidden in the rolls

Strange, smirking gibberish
Glistening and cold
Track Name: A Perfect Gentleman
Oh, stop, it hurts, it hurts
Boo fucking hoo
It’s supposed to hurt
Just hold still
And let me enjoy this
Track Name: Wetwork Hangover
The shadow of a war
Raging behind peritoneal doors
Subtle little atrocities
Penumbra civilians, fictionalized agony
Traitor cells lurking in swamps of fat
False-flag hoaxes jumping synapses
Sobbing reporters beheaded by sphincters
Macrophages suffer from post-stress disorders
Breakaway muscle groups remotely flattened
Baby teeth packed into pipe bombs
Nutrients hijacked, diverted, repurposed
No facts on the ground in the meat
Reports inconclusive, reports inconclusive
It’s real, it's real, it never ended
I watched and was wounded, I can still feel it
It’s all in your head, it’s whole-cloth invented
Shitheel deserter, sad hypochondriac
Track Name: No Mind Will Enshrine Your Name
The filth forever fouls your mind
In every breath of air entwined
You hack and cough, but still you’ll find
Its stench pervades your world

In robes of state, embezzlers
Garrote the throats of creditors
Dump bodies in the reservoir
The sullied lifesblood swirls

This corruption knows you, too
Veins of sadness worming through
Your every thought, but you’ll make do
Your sorrows ‘round you curl

No pillar of stone will your fate bemoan
No mind will enshrine your name

For who are you to turn your head?
Revolted by this banquet spread
The rotting fare that all are fed
Each quickened, quaking soul

The time will come for you to choose
Your tired fate, your tawdry doom
The filth becomes a part of you
Simper and swallow it whole

No meaning for you in the scheme
Subsist upon this pus-clogged dream
Or give yourself to time’s cold stream
We all shall play our roles

No pillar of stone will your fate bemoan
No mind will enshrine your name